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September 7, 2013 in blog

hey guys this is my first day. I don\’t really know what you do on this site, it just looks really fun, and cool. So please comment bellow what some fun things there are to do.

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  1. well chat and friend and get bottle caps

    yeah things like that

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  2. u can create posts make friends chat and its soooo fun!

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  3. Yo!

    It IS really fun and cool!

    Here is my little (ok big) overview of this website for newbies:

    1. Home: Nothing to do here except log on.
    2. The Stream: Everything goes on here. Posts, Friends, What’s New Posts. Everything.
    3. Connect: A huge, gigantic list of all members and all of your friends on here.
    4. Diary: You create posts here. Like the one you just created. But even if you check Diary, as opposed to what it says, it is not at all private.
    5. Music: Listen to music that the people who run the website have picked out.
    6. Books: A list of all of the Coke-or-Pepsi books.
    7. Printables: Really fun, super cool posters that you can print out!
    8. Poll Questions: Polls that you can take.
    9. A list of all the bottle caps (awards) that you’ve won.

    1. Coke or Pepsi: Takes to the home page.
    2. My Account- Activity- Personal: Anything that you’ve put on this website.
    3. My Account- Activity- Mentions: Anybody who’s said @ and then your username in a comment, the comments are here.
    4. My Account- Activity- Favorites: Posts that you’ve marked as your favorites go here.
    5. My Account- Activity- Friends: Anything that your friends have done on this website.
    6. My Account- Profile- Public: Your profile.
    7. My Account- Profile- Edit: Edit your profile.
    8. My Account- Profile- Change Avatar: Change your avatar here.
    9. My Account- Friends- Friendships: A huge list of all of your friends.
    10. My Account- Friends- Online: A list of all of your friends that are online.
    11. My Account- Friends- Requests: Here, you can accept friendships that other members have requested.
    12. My Account- Achievements- My Achievements: Your bottle caps again.
    13. My Account- Settings- General: You can change your account email or your password.
    14. My Account- Settings- Decide when you want the website to send you an email.
    15. My Account- Settings- Privacy: You can decide if you want to only share posts, etc with your friends.
    16. My Account- Settings- Delete Account: Delete your account here.
    17. My Account- Log Out: Log off of the website.
    18. Notifications: Any friend requests, mentions, and posts that you have posted go here.

    Let me know if you need any more help!

    power to the awesome website, citychic

    p.s. I won’t be offended at all if you get bored halfway through. It is quite horrendously long.


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