Question A Day Diary

Because you’ve got an answer for everything! Forget old-school. This is infinitely more cool. It’s the Coke or Pepsi? way for girls to get their rockin’ lives down on paper.

Price: $10.99
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Coke or Pepsi?

How well do you think you know your friends? Pass this book around and find out! It’s packed with lots of crazy cool questions from silly to soul-searching. You’ll discover what you have in common and what makes you different.

Price: $7.99
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More Coke or Pepsi?

Dig a little deeper with this Coke or Pepsi? sequel. Discover friends’ most embarrassing moments to what they think of when they see the color red. Personality-probing questions have never been this fun!

Price: $7.99

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Coke or Pepsi? 3

All of your fave kind of Coke or Pepsi? questions plus 2 NEW bonuses! Twofers – questions that need not one, but two answers and Would You Rathers – thought provoking questions that will really make your friends think!

Price: $7.99

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The Ultimate Coke or Pepsi?

Packed with more questions than ever before plus space for friends to explain their answers. The Ultimate features NEW! theme pages including Hollywood, the music scene, and more. Discover the “inner” friend with exciting, new questions.

Price: $7.99
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Coke or Pepsi? Unlimited

Everything every girl loves about the Coke or Pepsi? series all wrapped up in one book! Plus, an exclusive web link to download even more questions and locker/room signs. More friends. More questions. Totally unlimited!

Price: $7.99
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My Best Year

Pour your heart our every day or scribble random thoughts whenever. Hysterically funny, tear jerking, happy, and even the angry days. It’s your year in review, Coke or Pepsi? style.

Price: $9.99
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LOL stories, your super strong opinions (and friends’ too), and answers to insanely awesome questions all in one cool place. Take quizzes, list stuff you love and hate, and even keep a fashion and glamour stash.

Price: $7.99

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GIRL Diary

Say bye-bye to those “so yesterday” princess diaries. This one gets into your head with places to get emotional, pages to wear, mood charts, an obsession list, plus Coke or Pepsi? questions. Lock included.

Price: $10.99

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Coke or Pepsi? Poster Book

Surround yourself with Coke or Pepsi? art wherever you go. Hang on bedroom doors, walls, and even in school lockers.
Includes rock band-like posters, slim Coke or Pepsi? questions for lockers, calendar mini-posters, and wise guy signs.

Price: $14.99

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Coke or Pepsi? Forever!

Everything you love about Coke Or Pepsi? – would you rather, what do you think of, and lists and lists of questions. Plus, a new question web where no two girls answer the same set of questions and the return of Coke or Pepsi? classics!

Price: $7.99

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Girl Diary Too

GIRL Diary’s second release is everything a Coke or Pepsi? fan loves and more. Availalbe 2/1/13.

Price: $10.99

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382 responses to Books

  1. GIRL!LOL stories, your super strong opinions (and friends’ too), and answers to insanely awesome questions all in one cool place. Take quizzes, list stuff you love and hate, and even keep a fashion and glamour stash.

    SO want it!

  2. I thought i had all the books, but turns out I’m missing almost more than half of them, looks like I’m going shopping!!

  3. go all of them

  4. i have the girl whaddya have to say book had it is awesome love it lol!!!! :)

  5. I hove c or p. Soooooooooooooo cool

  6. i loved the lock up one its the best

  7. i luv coke or pepsi unlimited

  8. GIRL! Is the only book I have. Coke or Pepsi books are so awesome. The next time I see one, I’m buying!

  9. i hav the book GIRL it is awesome :) must get

  10. I only have 2/10 books. Ultimate C or P, and GIRL Diary

  11. I have 6/10 of the books….. I’ll have em all soon!

  12. i dont have any of the books. =(

  13. i hav all of these books but 1 moms gettin it for my b-day yipee

  14. im geting the ultimate c or p
    my best year
    girl diary
    My first 3

  15. GIRL is my very 1st coke or pepsi book and so far its the only 1 i have!!!!!!! but i heard all the other are great to so im planing on getting them all…hopefully!!!!!<=^D

  16. I only have coke or Pepsi unlimited

  17. I got it at my school book fair

  18. bri78 said on May 7, 2012

    i got c or p unlimited at my school book fair today

  19. i love the books!

  20. I have coke or pepsi unlimited

  21. I need to get this book c or p forever

  22. well looks like i need to do some shopping as well i have the unlimited and girl, unlimited is better, alot more quizzes than girl

  23. when i get paid i’m going 2 buy more books ;)

  24. i only have GIRL Diary and i lost the key.
    it’s a goodbook but i didnt get 2 fill it out cuz like i said i lost the key.

  25. i <3 coke or pepsi

  26. the only book i have is c or p girl! i want all the books now

  27. Coke or Pepsi UNLIMITED! My friend has Coke or Pepsi. The first one. I think mine is more fun! :D Awsome! Me and my friends are laughing at our answers!! :D

  28. i bot the c or p in the fall at the book fair it was fun i injoyed it i am still not done tons of fun , Gelina!

  29. i have the girl diary with the blue lock

  30. man!!!I only have 2 books!!!
    GIRL!and GIRL Diary.

  31. BTW how do you get bottlecaps?

    when ever it says “QUIZZES” it goes to the locker!!!

  33. I only have GIRL!, The Ultimate Coke or Pepsi?, and Coke or Pepsi? Unlimited :D

  34. omigosh
    same w/ me!!!!

  35. i want all of these freaking books but im gonna have to save up a looooot om money

  36. I Have


    Saving up to buy MY BEST YEAR!

  37. I have all the books but corp3, girl diary, the poster book, and my best year.

  38. I love these books! Hope I get some more soon! ;)

  39. i have like 3 of these books and their all awesome

  40. I have GIRL! its so cool and so cute

  41. I only have one book :’(

  42. the unlimited has stuff to unlock lockers

  43. Oh yeah this book are the boom

  44. can’t wait until Forever! comes out in stores! I have all of them!

  45. OMG I need forever! I love cocke or pepsi!

  46. i have coke or pepsi unlimtied

  47. I NEED ALL! Exsept GIRL! i all ready have it!<3

  48. omg i love them all :) ;)

  49. just can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. I have the Unlimited one but i wanna own them all!!

  51. GIRLDIARY! is awesome

  52. me and my bff are i luv with all the girl one but all i have is the first one!

  53. i have UNLIMITED and i LUV it!!!

  54. the book tht i only have is GIRL!

  55. I want ALL of them!!!!!!!!!

  56. Same here they all sound cool.

  57. i only have GIRL! i want to get GIRL!DIARY ’cause i’m sick and tired of those girly, princess, sparkle diarys. the’re so not me. but i do want SOMEWHERE to put my secrets and feelings (happy or sad) so hopfully i can get it :3

  58. girl! is the only book i have
    but i realy Want girl!diary

  59. only got the first one

  60. I have The Ultimate and Forever!

  61. I wish I could get all of the books. They rock.

  62. I need every single one of these. :3 Once I get my friends back, we’re going to have LOADS of fun answering the questions at sleepovers!! :)

  63. Girl is totally awesome !!!!!

  64. I have C or P?, UNLIMITED,
    GIRL diary, best year, the
    poster book, and I’m getting #2 and 3
    for my b-day!

  65. i have the new coke and pepsi forever it is totally AWESOME me and my BFF love it so much

  66. i already have “Coke or Pepsi forever!” i got it from a book order

  67. i had “Coke or Pepsi Girl diary” and “coke or pepsi my best year”

  68. I only have 2 coke or Pepsi books and i want the rest!!!!! :)

  69. does anyone hav Coke or Pepsi unlimited??? cause if anyone does tell me the code 4 the locker!!!!!

  70. OMG I just got the c or p forever book so good just like unlimited

  71. So get Coke or Pepsi forever it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  72. i have the forever and girl! book.

  73. Wich is the. Best one to get????

  74. i have all if them even forever

  75. I have unlimited and ultimate, but i SO want the rest. cant wait! Who else here wants to be a singer…?

  76. i want 2 b a singer and i hav the coke or pepsi forever one. it says no 2 girls can hav the same questions just over and over like 3 times!! but i pass it around with my friends. =)

  77. I don’t have any lol.

  78. i have the coke or pepsi FOREVER one only and also the girl one…;)

  79. someone stole my “coke or Pepsi forever” :(

  80. I have the poster book and the forever book! Me and my friends love reading the forever book together!

  81. I have The Unlimited Coke or Pepsi. It is the best!



  84. i’m waching johnny depps newest movie dark
    shaddows! its l4git awsome its great!!!

  85. I have 2 girl and girl dirary

  86. I luv the books

  87. I have Coke or Pepsi Forever. It was in our book fair

  88. i REALLY want girl

  89. the only one i have is Girl! and i love it so awesome xDDD

  90. i have coke or pepsi forever

  91. i have coke or pepsi forever. AWESOME!

  92. I already have three books!!coke or pepsi forever , girl!,and girl diary!

  93. I have Coke or Pepsi forever. (I got it from the book fair.)

  94. i really want coke or pepsi poster book i have the COKE or pepsi fovever

  95. well i already have coke or pepsi forever

  96. i have 3, poster book, and unlimited

  97. i only have girl :( (

  98. I WANT ALL OF THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. I REAllY want Girl Diary Too!!!!!!!!;)

  100. I have Coke or Pepsi? Original and My BEst year. BUt i want them all

  101. i have Coke or Pepsi? Unlimited and GIRL!, but i wish i had all of them.

  102. i just got coke-or-pepsi forever today at my bookfair

  103. I got coke or Pepsi forever and coke or Pepsi ultimate and i love them. sometimes i borrow my friends poster book, the girl diary, and the coke or Pepsi girl diary too book.

  104. I hella want the new one!!!

  105. I have the coke or pepsi, the ultimate, unlimited, forever and girl diary

  106. i only hve 2 i need the rest i love it!

  107. Geez, I really really wanna by these and I have enough but i don’t know where to get these. Any Ideas on where to buy???? (I’ve got 2 books: My Best Year and Coke or Pepsi? Origanal.) I want the poster book, Girl!,Coke or Pepsi? Unlimited,Girl!Diary,and forever.

  108. I wish i had the poster book too.

  109. omg , i want all of them

  110. i just got girl diary too today at my school bookfair i allready love it

  111. I want one so bad

  112. I have girl diary too its awesome

  113. i love coke and pepsi also queens LOL

  114. My friend gave me coke or pepsi? Unlimited because she didn’t use it, and I freaking LOVE it! I am hooked and I was hooked on the first questionnaire I filled out. I want to get more books in the series! Hopefully for my birthday next year and Christmas this year….we’ll wait and see! Fingers are crossed.


  116. i have coke or pepsi forever and GIRL

    there both awsome

  117. ihave almost all of these books and they are all awesome

  118. I have the Girl Diary Too

  119. Somebody get me one of these! So jealous of y’all!

  120. i have the sixth book

  121. oh my gosh! I have girl diary too, and tomorrow i’m getting, coke or pepsi forever, and ,girl!

  122. I got:

    Coke or Pepsi?

    Coke or Pepsi? Forever!

    Coke or Pepsi? Unlimited!

    (By the way, I choose Coke. C:)

  123. I only have 2 books! LOL

  124. i love the girl diary too and girl diary

  125. school just started yesterday. so early In the morning I hate it!!!! = )

  126. Anyone know how to post a profile pic? :3

  127. I’m getting the Coke or Pepsi? second edition. I loved the other books.

  128. i really really REALLY want unlimited, forever, and Girl!

  129. I LOVE the poster book its awesome

  130. i have question a day diary, new!girl diary,Girl,Forever, and i have the ultimate coke and pepsi

  131. I have:
    Girl! Got it at my book fair.
    Girl diary: got it at a store.
    The ultimate coke or Pepsi: store

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