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February 27, 2012


28 responses to Locker

  1. I NEED FRIENDS!!!!!!!

  2. Im new to and i need friends to

  3. Hey peeps

  4. does anybody know how to get a pic i dont want to be gray

  5. how do you enter a secret code i entered mine but i dont know how 2 regester it so i am basicly stuck

  6. i have the poster book, GIRL diary and coke or pepsi unlimited

  7. I have the GIRL book, is there a locker code 4 that?

  8. how do i put in my locker code?

  9. some how you can’t but you used to be able to. this sucks, this is just a pic, it used to be a cool locker.

  10. oh i found it, go to your profile andon the side it has this pic click the locker then lockers appear click and then click again then there it is
    i did it before but without a profile and they changed it it to only members could do it so i didn’t know how

  11. what is the locker code?

  12. you need to buy a coke or pepsi book and it gives you a code for your locker

  13. Where can you buy the book?

  14. i have coke-or-pepsi forever! where is the unlock code for the locker????!!!!

  15. guys i only have the cheap coke or pepsi bok whats the code :’(

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