Coke or Pepsi? books are friendship books. They’re full of questions for you and your friends to answer. You know those “get to know you better” questionnaires you sometimes get in email? Well, that’s actually how the idea for the first Coke or Pepsi? book came to life.

The website,, went live shortly after the first book was published. There are now 7 question books and 5 illustrated diaries in the Coke or Pepsi? series.


New Books

The Ultimate Coke or Pepsi? 2nd Edition
It's back and it's better than ever with an "owner" page where you can stick a pic and then list 5 random things about yourself before you pass it around to your friends.

Coke or Pepsi? 2nd Edition
The one that started it all! And it’s even better with fresh graphics and some hot-off-the press questions.

Question A Day Diary
365 days to fill with all of your thoughts, dreams and wishes. You've got an answer for everything!