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Revision Date: April 3, 2012

First, and foremost, we want you to know that our Safety Rules prohibit posting of any personally identifiable information anywhere on the Coke-or-Pepsi site. Each user is personally responsible for all the consequences of posting any personal information – whether the personal information is about the user or any other person – to the Coke-or-Pepsi site.

Our privacy policy is available directly from the Coke-or-Pepsi site footer and it is permanently located here:

This privacy policy describes our information collection and handling practices and provides you with our contact information.

  1. Who operates the Coke-or-Pepsi site? Although we own the Coke-or-Pepsi site, we have a written hosting agreement with a third-party service provider to host, operate, and maintain the technical aspects of the Coke-or-Pepsi site on a day-to-day basis. Our hosting agreement requires that all information collected via the Coke-or-Pepsi site be treated as confidential. Our hosting service provider is prohibited from using or disclosing any information collected through the Coke-or-Pepsi site to anyone other than us without our prior written consent.
    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Coke-or-Pepsi site or this privacy policy, please send an email to us at [email protected], or you may write to us at our corporate correspondence address:, Fine Print Publishing Company, P.O. Box 916401
    Longwood, FL 32791-6401
    You may also give us a call Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm EST at 815.642.4642.
  2. What types of information do we collect via the Coke-or-Pepsi site? Upon initial request to access the Coke-or-Pepsi site, we only collect a user’s (i) an anonymous username and arbitrary password, and (ii) a parent’s or guardian’s email address. Only after the user’s parent or guardian affirmatively consents can the user access the full Coke-or-Pepsi site. Once a user has an active account on Coke-or-Pepsi, users are encouraged to post various types of non-personally identifiable information about themselves on the Coke-or-Pepsi site. For example, users have the opportunity to post what is on their mind or their current status.  Users can also write in their blog or online diary as well as answer quizzes, participate in polls, and respond to posts from other users. We collect this information through a user’s profile page and other activities and features on the Coke-or-Pepsi site. Not all of the activities and features require a user to provide any personal information to participate. Only general, anonymous, information should be shared via these site pages. While we take precautionary measures, including filters and live monitors, to help ensure personally identifiable information is never included on a user’s profile page, personal information could be creatively entered on the Coke-or-Pepsi site in a manner that goes undetected by our security measures, and as such, could be read, collected, or used by other Coke-or-Pepsi users.  We also collect non-personally identifiable information and statistics through the Coke-or-Pepsi site, such as the length of a user’s visit, the operating system of the computer the user is using to access the Coke-or-Pepsi site, the type of browser being used to access the site, where in the site a user spends time, etc. (“Usage Information”).
  3. How do we collect information via the Coke-or-Pepsi site? We collect information that users voluntarily post directly to various areas/pages on the Coke-or-Pepsi site. Users may voluntarily enter information in their personal profiles, on the profile pages of other Coke-or-Pepsi users, and by participating in Coke-or-Pepsi site activities, such as polls and quizzes, favorites and passing wall notes. We may also collect a user name and email address to respond to inquiries from users. In those instances, the email address we receive will be used to respond to the inquiry and then promptly deleted.  We also collect Usage Information passively. In other words, Usage Information is collected automatically without the user having to actually enter the information. Again, information that is automatically collected does not enable us to personally identify any user.
  4. How do we use information collected via the Coke-or-Pepsi site? Content on a user profile page is not visible to anyone except other users who are logged in on the Coke-or-Pepsi site. We use parent email addresses to alert a user’s parent (or guardian) about a request to create an account on the Coke-or-Pepsi site and to allow the user’s parent the option to proceed with account activation. Parental consent is essential to allow a user to join the Coke-or-Pepsi site. No action is required to deny account creation. Should the user’s parent not affirmatively consent by clicking the link in Coke-or-Pepsi’s activation email within 24 hours of receipt, the user’s pending account will not be activated and the user’s sign-up information will be deleted from the Coke-or-Pepsi site.  We also use the parental email address to send parent communications regarding privacy policy updates, web site feature updates, notices of any safety violations we may learn of, and/or account terminations as well as any other purposes desscribed in this privacy policy and in the Terms of Service.
  5. Does Coke-or-Pepsi disclose personal information to third parties? With the exception of Coke-or-Pepsi’s hosting service company which is contractually obligated to keep all Coke-or-Pepsi information confidential: (i) each user’s parent has the option to consent to the collection and use of personal information about his or her child without consenting to the disclosure of that information to any third parties; and (ii) we do not share parental email addresses or any other personally identifiable user information with any third parties at any time. We do, however, allow selected third parties to purchase advertisement spots within the Coke-or-Pepsi site to help offset the cost of maintaining the site. Although some advertisements may prompt users to access outside sites, we do not disclose any personally identifiable information about any users to third party advertisers. However, Coke-or-Pepsi site users who click on an advertisement link are usually directed to a third-party website outside of the Coke-or-Pepsi site. As previously mentioned, we are not responsible for third-party websites and cannot speak to the privacy policies and security features of any other website. We recommend that you review the privacy policies and security features of each third-party website accessed via the Coke-or-Pepsi site. We may disclose Usage Information compiled from Coke-or-Pepsi site polls, favorites and other features on the Coke-or-Pepsi site – all non-personally identifiable information – as a way to attract or promote third party advertising on the Coke-or-Pepsi site. For example, we may let a potential advertiser know that 72% of Coke-or-Pepsi site users log in twice per week and 10% update their status every time they log in; or we may tell a potential advertiser that 68% of Coke-or-Pepsi users note soccer as a favorite activity; or we may tell a third party that 90% of our users access the Coke-or-Pepsi site using the Firefox browser.  We may also refer Coke-or-Pepsi site users, through links or other advertisements, to one or more websites, products or services owned and operated by us. We currently own and operate the following websites: (FPPC website and online bookstore); or (The DUDE Book, book series); Both of these sites are governed by privacy policies consistent with those described in this privacy policy.
  6. Can parents review and ask to have any personal information deleted? Yes. As mentioned before, each user must associate a parent or guardian with the user’s account during the account activation process (“Associated Parent”). Subject to our receipt of reasonable verification of the Associated Parent’s parental relationship to the user, we will disclose to the Associated Parent all of such user’s personal information, if any, and all such user-related Usage Information we have collected via the Coke-or-Pepsi site. Within a reasonable time after receipt of a verified Associated Parent’s request, we will also (i) disable such related user’s Coke-or-Pepsi site account, and (ii) delete from the Coke-or-Pepsi site all of the related user’s personally identifiable information, if any. Associated Parents should contact us (INSERT APPROPRIATE URL) to learn how to make either or both of these requests. However, nothing in this privacy policy will obligate us to save any collected user information for any reason. Furthermore, we may, in our discretion, destroy or retain user information, including any user personal information that may appear on the Coke-or-Pepsi site, whether in offline paper or offline electronic records, and we may also retain or destroy, in our sole discretion, any and all of our offline backups (whether paper or electronic) of our Coke-or-Pepsi site information, including copies of the same that may include the personal information of a user whose Associated Parent has asked us to review and/or remove such user’s personal information from the Coke-or-Pepsi site.
  7. Effective Date and Updates This privacy policy is active as of April 3rd, 2012 and applies to past and present activity on the Coke-or-Pepsi site. We reserve the right to modify and update the privacy policy at our discretion and those updates will be acknowledged by editing the effective date at the top of this page. When changes are made to this privacy policy we may also notify users by the parental emails associated with the Coke-or-Pepsi site accounts or by placing a notice on the Coke-or-Pepsi site homepage.

One Final Note About Protecting Your Privacy Parental involvement is critical to keeping everyone safe online. While we have strived to make the Coke-or-Pepsi site safe, no safety features can ever replace parental involvement when it comes to creating and practicing safe habits.

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