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Revision Date: April 3, 2012

Welcome to Coke-or-Pepsi.com!

The following Terms of Use Agreement describes the terms on which Fine Print Publishing Company (“Fine Print”) offers users access to Coke-or-Pepsi? (“CorP”) located at Coke-or-Pepsi.com.

  1. Introduction This agreement outlines your obligation for participation here at Coke-or-Pepsi. You will also want to be sure to review our Privacy Policy, which outlines our policies for collecting and handling information related to your use of the CorP site and your interaction with us on CorP.
    CorP is committed to providing a fun and safe environment for all its members. As such, we have developed a community setting with engaging activities; set forth safety rules which all members must read and acknowledge prior to participation in the community; have filters, human monitors, and other safety precautions in place; and have carefully constructed this Agreement (or Terms of Use).
  2. Acceptance By using this site and its features, you are indicating that you agree to meet your obligations as set forth in this agreement. You are bound by this agreement and understand that Fine Print may revise it at any time, noting the date of the revision at the top of this page.
  3. Account Registration Obligations During account registration, you agree that you:
    • Will not use your real first and/or last name when making up a user name
    • Will not make up a user name that is offensive, obscene, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate
    • Will not make up a user name that attempts to impersonate a famous person, celebrity, or someone else
    • Will not make up a user name that attempts to represent a company or brand
    • Will provide a legitimate and working parent or guardian’s email address
    • Will not share your user name and password (account access) with anyone other than a parent or legal guardian
    • Will not let anyone else, other than a parent or legal guardian, access your account
    • Are NOT a registered sex offender
  4. User Conduct Obligations We strive to keep Coke-or-Pepsi as safe as possible but we cannot guarantee it. We need your help. While participating on CorP, you agree that you:
    • Will Not bully, abuse, harass, threaten or otherwise intimidate other users
    • Will Not post content (in favorites, quiz answers, or notes) that
    • Contains any personally-identifiable information at all (whether it is your own information or information about other users you may know in real life) including screen names for other sites
    • Is harmful or hateful in any way
    • Is pornographic or sexually implicit in any way
    • Promotes the use of drugs or alcohol in any way
    • Promotes violence or other unlawful or illegal actions or activities in any way
    • Masks any inappropriate content in any way (such as the use of symbols or numbers in an attempt to defeat the site filters)
    • Advertises or promotes a specific product or service directly such as affiliate links, MLM schemes, advertisements, or content that otherwise solicits funds or benefits the user
    • Solicits any user to buy or sell new or used products or services
    • Is copyrighted or otherwise protected from common usage
    • Encourages violations of the CorP safety rules or the rules set forth in this agreement
    • Violates any local, state, federal, national and/or international laws
    • Will not attempt to upload any viruses or other malicious code.
    • Will abide by the Community Safety Rules at all times
    • Will Report violations of the letter or spirit of the Community Safety Rules and/or this Terms of Use agreement by “blowing the whistle” on other users who post inappropriate content or otherwise behave in a manner unbecoming to the community as a whole.
  5. Advertisements Fine Print includes ad spots within the pages of CorP for the branding and promotion of company brands (books, posters, websites, etc). We may also, on occasion, sell or otherwise offer those same ad spots to third party advertisers. Advertisers and advertising networks will be limited to those we deem useful and/or of interest to the CorP community at large. Please note that:
    • Advertisements are clearly labeled as such.
    • Individual advertisers that purchase ad-spots directly are pre-screened.
    • Ad-network advertisements are not necessarily pre-screened and are based on the nature of the ad network’s terms of service and functionality.
    • We do not share any personally-identifiable information with advertisers.
    • We do share general community statistics with advertisers.
  6. Disclaimers, Warranties, Liability & Indemnity While we strive to maintain CorP updated, bug-free, and safe, you understand that the features available at Coke-or-Pepsi.com are presented as-is.
  7. Termination Any violations in letter or in spirit of this Agreement (including the user conduct obligations noted in section 4) or of the Community Safety Rules, may result in the deletion of offending content and/or the deletion of a user account solely upon the discretion of the CorP administrators.  We may or may not provide written notice to the email on record for the user name of the terminated account and are not obligated to do so or to provide reasoning beyond the fact that the account violated the terms of service. Users may close an active account by clicking on the Delete Account link in the user’s Profile Settings navigation.


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